San Shim, Associate Lawyer


San Shim is not your typical lawyer. With a background spanning HR consulting, management consulting, and law, he brings a unique perspective to our practice.

San Shim at Autonomy First Lawyers

San spent over fourteen years in executive search, selection and recruitment, where he assisted multinationals and large corporates in finding chartered accountants and HR professionals. During this time, he worked with clients such as KPMG, who eventually invited San to transition into their Enterprise Transformation team to manage the firm’s contingent workforce and drive ancillary revenue lines. Also at KPMG, San was able to progress to the firm’s Legal Transformation practice within KPMG Law, whilst also being admitted into the legal profession.

San was initially drawn to the law because of its potential to expedite executive employment contract reviews and the deal-making process. This was where he had an epiphany. Instead of studying for an MBA, he realised that he could work in employment litigation and use legal knowledge to help clients in more ways than one. Today, San’s favourite part of the law is being a trusted advisor to his clients and providing practical and pragmatic legal advice across corporate, commercial and employment law. He can contextualise real-life examples and tailor his language and advice because of his extensive commercial and life experience, and he takes a holistic approach when advising clients, considering the desired outcomes of all parties involved.

San specialises in Corporate/Commercial and Employment law, working as an inhouse legal counsel for a large technology company as well as with Autonomy First Lawyers. San works with Michael Perkins to support the Wills and Estates practice. He also supports Clarence (Chi Chiu) Leung with litigation.

When he is not working, San enjoys disconnecting by volunteering at the local rugby club, watching football or simply walking his dog.



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