• Trade Marks Strategy & Registration – You have arrived in the right place for a cost-effective, quality trade mark registration. We don’t just file what you supply. More often than not we’ll have a dialogue with you to improve the quality of your asset. That may replace what you first came up with, improve it or add dimensions to future-proof or de-risk your exposure to potential infringers and opponents. All this we call “legal design”, it increases the potential monopoly power of your trade mark, tag lines, brand, trading name and related identifiers.

  • Intellectual Property Protection & Commercialisation – Intellectual property protection and commercialisation are corner stones of our work for clients. They always should only follow consultation and advice. That involves evaluation of the legal, product or service design, technology and market context to refine your business and financial model. That leads us to define and evaluate your IP and position in business, embed appropriate legal protection, and only then produce recommendations and documentation to achieve targeted outcomes.

  • Tech Ventures – Structuring, Capital & Commercialisation – Our speciality is intellectual property and commercialisation strategy for their integration into the life cycle of ventures, business systems, products and services. This involves business structuring, legal drafting for engaging people and capital raising.

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