As pioneers in Australia in areas of law and technology and as experienced practitioners our promise to you is to excel in serving your needs.

You’ll start your journey on a resolution pathway. We’ll explore and test with you what needs to be done. We’ll begin by listening to you, providing consultancy, and asking “why” and “what if” questions. If follow-on professional advice and transactions are required we’ll then turn to address that work or refer you to others.

For referrals our experienced practitioners draw on their extensive network. Many close collaborators are active in the Autonomy First Community of Practice. Its multidisciplinary capability is evident in the experienced, senior professionals involved. They are in several disciplines and sectors including health and allied heath, disability services, retirement support, accounting, financial planning, management consultancy, IT and specialist areas of law.

Our core business involves helping bring your circumstances under management, to add value to what you have, and provide highly commercial and implementable advice. We assist individuals, family groups, organisations and businesses in Australia and abroad.

  • Estates & Decisions: For wealth administration or conservation, succession planning and lifetime representation documents for your estate we have a market-leading level of expertise. We architect required estate arrangements, help you make decisions and if needed we can also craft with you new business models, business ventures and collaborations.
  • Intellectual Property and Technology: For your knowledge, intellectual property, technology or innovation for a fee stated in advance, we can audit, manage, identify, develop, register, protect, evaluate, contract and commercialise your intellectual assets. Our experience extends across digital assets and traditional content, information and entertainment industries.
  • Documents and Contracts: If this is your need, let’s talk. As legal-tech innovators we has developed and maintain a documents database of several thousand contracts and related templates. They are in plain language, smartly designed, up-to-date to suit emerging value chains, easily implemented, and available in a range of formats.

STEP Employer Partner Australia

We are an employer Partner of STEP.

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